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Selcaxen | Selpercatinib | 40mg | 30Tablets

Product Name: Selcaxen

Generic Name: Selpercatinib

Volume: 30 tablets

Strength: 40 mg

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Selcaxen is a medication used to treat specific cancers which are created because of a mutation of the RET gene. RET refers to re-arranged during transfection that is a receptor tyrosine kinase. It works by blocking proteins and cells produced by gene mutation. Blocking them slows or stops the growth of cancer cells and helps in the improvement of a patient’s health.

Selcaxen (Selpercatinib) Indication

Selcaxen treats several types of cancers if the cancer cells contain a specific RET gene. In most cases, it is used to treat

Selcaxen Mechanism of Action

Selcaxen is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor. Like other tyrosine kinase inhibitors, it works by blocking the protein of cancer cells, hindering blood circulation of those cells. Doing that helps slow down the reproduction of new cancer cells. In this process, selcaxen helps in treating cancers caused by RET gene alteration.

Side Effects

Like other tyrosine kinase inhibitors, selcaxen has some side effects. It can be mild or severe depending on the patient’s health condition and other relevant things. There are some common side effects of using relaxed are:

  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • High blood pressure

If the patient feels any kind of severe side effects like heart problems, or liver problems he/she must consult with his doctor as soon as possible. Do not take any decision without consulting your doctor.

Dosage and Administration of Selcaxen

Selpercatinib is an oral medication and patients have to take this medication twice a day. Medication’s volume depends on the patient’s weight.

  • If the patient is less than 50 kg, the dose is 120mg twice a day
  • If the patient is more than 50 kg, the dose is 160mg twice a day.

This will be continued if the patient does not feel any severe discomfort or toxicity, if so he/she must contact with doctor.

Selcaxen (Selpercatinib) Price

Selpercatinib costs estimates around $12,000 which is very expensive. But the relaxed cost is comparatively very low, which is only a couple hundred dollars as its price is not constant you may contact us to know the real-time price. Contact us to order relaxed or know any other information. We are available on WhatsApp (+8801304498958), WeChat, Instagram, Facebook and Telegram. You also can send us a quick email at medsforcancerbd@gmail.com.

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There are some FAQs about Selpercatinib

Q-1: What is Selpercatinib?

A: Selpercatinib is in a class of medications called tyrosine kinase inhibitors used to treat cancer caused by the mutation of the RET gene.

Q-2: How to take the selpercatinib pill?

A: It is an oral medication. You can take this medication before or after eating according to your doctor’s prescription.

Q-3: What is RET?

A: RET refers to re-arranged during transfection. It is a tyrosine kinase.






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