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How To Survive Cancer: Be Your Own Advocate

Surviving cancer is hard, because patients have to go through a long process of treatment and mental trauma

By Meds for Cancer

Patients diagnosed with cancer for the first time get afraid, anxious and overwhelmed. This is very common among cancer patients when they get to know that they have cancer in their bodies. They create an assumption that they are going to die. But every patient diagnosed with cancer do not die. Many of them survive and live a happy life after getting cured from cancer. Here are some advices you can follow if you are diagnosed with cancer.

Be sure about the facts of your cancer diagnosis:

After being diagnosed for the first time with cancer you may ask your healthcare provider the following questions-

  • What is the cancer?
  • Has it spread to other parts of the body?
  • What are the treatments for this type of Cancer?
  • Which stage does this cancer belongs to?
  • What is the possibility of being cured?
  • Are there any other tests necessary?
  • And other relevant questions you seem important

Consider bringing a family member or a friend for the first few appointments so that they can help you remembering what doctor or healthcare provider said to you.

Make an honest communication with beloved one:

Get ready to accept possible physical changes:

May be a few or a lot of physical changes will happen to your body after diagnosing cancer or starting cancer treatment. Such as hair fall, loosing weight, faded skin and so on. That can lose your confidence if you are not mentally prepared. Accepting these changes may boost your confident that will help you to fight to your cancer.

You may ask other cancer survivor what changes they have faced and ask them for advice. That will help you to boost your confidence.

Follow a balanced life style:

Maintaining a balanced and healthy life style can make your cancer surviving journey easier and short. You may follow below steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle-

  • Take healthy meal every day, like fruits, vegetables, meats, fishes, milk, etc. Avoid too much over processed foods like fast food or foods that contain too much oil.
  • Stop taking supplement regularly to build muscle or to take vitamins. Instead take natural foods to fill up your daily nutrition.
  • Stop smoking and taking tobacco. It causes lung cancer, throat cancer and destroy your immune system.
  • To prevent skin-cancer avoid midday sun.
  • Practice safes sex and avoid multiple sex partner to prevent HIV. Because HIV causes destruction of immune system that invite cancer in your body.
  • Daily exercise is the best way to boost your immune system and fight cancer and other virus disease.
  • If you have critical physical condition consult your healthcare at a regular basis.
  • Follow the early to bed and early to rise method to boost yourself.

After all I can say you have to be your own advocate to keep yourself away of lethal disease. Make your personal daily routine and keep yourself active in daily work.

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