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Meds For Cancer (MFC) is an online-based medicine supplying service focused on providing safe and affordable lifesaving prescription medicines globally. We’re a licensed online pharmacy service provider in Bangladesh. We supply the most kind of generic prescription medicine manufactured by Bangladeshi pharma companies. Especially now we’re supplying Oncology, Anti-viral, Bio-tech, Liver diseases (Hepatitis B, C), and other lifesaving prescription drugs. We follow international drug rules and regulations to supply prescription medicines globally. According to WTO rules and regulations, we can supply our prescription medicine in most of the country for patients’ personal use. We assist to supply required medicine against valid prescriptions and other documents as required by the laws of the jurisdiction in which customers or patients are present. We consult and facilitate patients, hospitals, clinicians, and researchers in accessing products through reliable sources, which aren’t available or approved in their home country.

Our main goal is to achieve high customer satisfaction and we do try our best to provide the best service at a reasonable price. Customer satisfaction is the key motto for us. If you take our service and are dissatisfied with our product or even have any complaints with our website, we will try our best to make things right. This is the commitment we can assure you. We also make extra effort to take emergency orders and provide urgent fulfillment. Many clients of ours are happy with our services and we hope will feel the same.

  1. Our Terms

If you are accessing our website you are agreeing to the terms and conditions that we set up for those who access our website. We expect you to follow these instructions as well as all applicable laws and regulations and take responsibility for compliance with any applicable local laws. If for any reason you feel like not agreeing to our terms and conditions, we would strictly ask you to not access our website. We are very serious about this matter as all our materials within this website are protected by applicable copyright and trademark law. And we strictly prohibit any temperament with them.

  1. License

2.1.      As per license terms we do grant permission to temporarily download one copy of the materials (such as information, pictures, prices, etc.) on our website for personal, non-commercial view only. We would like to add that this is not a grant of a license, we are not transferring our title and under the license, we are providing you, these actions described below cannot be committed:

  • Any sort of modification or copying of our materials.
  • Using our materials for any commercial purpose or publishing it anywhere.
  • Any sort of attempt to temper with our website, its source code.
  • Removing copyright from any of the materials which were downloaded from our website (such as a watermark).
  • Transferring our website materials after downloading them to other persons.

2.2.       The license that we are providing will automatically terminate if you have been caught violating any of the license terms. We strictly ask you to destroy any downloaded materials in your possession regardless of their form whether electronic or printed format.

  1. Disclaimer

As a disclaimer, we would like to declare that we do not make any promises about our product’s success rate. We are merely the reseller, not the producer. As of, we do not take any warranty claims if the product purchased from our website not being able to provide successful results to you.

The content of this site isn’t intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Information provided on this website is for reference only. The content on this website has been supplied to Meds For Cancer (MFC) by independent third parties contracted to provide information for our website.

Meds For Cancer (MFC) relies on these third parties to create and maintain information and cannot guarantee the medical efficacy, accuracy, or reliability of the information that has been provided to us. If you need any advice or information about the drugs on this website, medical conditions, or treatment advice, you ought to always speak to a health care provider.

Only healthcare professionals can prove with de your advice what is safe and most effective for you. Please that Meds For Cancer (MFC) is an online-based medicine supplying service focused on providing safe and affordable lifesaving prescription drugs to thousands of customers globally. AP will assist you in the setting of required medicine against prescription and other documents as required by the laws of the jurisdiction in which you are present. We consult and facilitate patients, hospitals, cli, clinicians, and researchers in accessing products through reliable sources, which aren’t available or approved in their home country. All trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on this website are the property of their respective owners and Meds For Cancer (MFC) is not affiliated with them in any way. Any advice on the use of drugs on this website is for reference only and is not a substitute for medical advice. Please consult t with a healthcare professional for medical advice.

  1. Our limitations

We would like you to read through our limitations as we certainly have some. We would expect you to purchase every product that you wish to purchase from our website on your own accord. As we will be held hold accountable for our products not being effective to you. In no event will our website or our suppliers will be liable for any damage caused to you by purchasing our products.

  1. Revision and error data

All the materials that appear on our website can have technical typographical as well as photographic errors. 

  • You must know that we do not warrant any of the materials on the website are accurate, current, or complete. As the information is provided by research in the g from interr from the independent third parties but not us. 
  • We can make changes to our website as well as its content as per we see fit without giving any sort of notice.
  • We also do not make any commitment towards updating the materials.
  1. About links

Any external link provided on our website whether it be a video link for our products or others we do not take responsibility for the cothiss this linked site has as we do not have any control over them. Inclusion of any such link does not imply endorsement by our website. We ask the users to visit these external links at their own risk.

  1. Modification of our terms

We may revise and modify any terms of use at any time without any notice. By accessing our website, you are agreeing to the current version of the terms and conditions that are on use.

  1. Advanced payment

We take payment advanced using your chosen method of payment and this policy cannot be changed as we will never take payment after shipment. All customers must know that before ordering any product.

  1. Government Law

Any claim towards our website will be governed by the laws of the Bangladesh government.

  1. Tax

Customers are responsible for all the applicable tax remittance laws outside Bangladesh.

10. Refund Policy

As we’re supplying lifesaving medicines against valid prescription and other documents as required by the laws of the jurisdiction in which you are present, so it’s not like other general kind e-commerce website orders. Here has lots of limitations and regulations that we’ve to follow properly. So that we can’t give any return or refund facility after placing the order once. So, please check everything at least twice before placing the order. But we’ll try to support our best to solve any issue regarding the order.

  1. Typographical errors

If it ever occurs that any product is priced incorrectly or with incorrect information due to typographical error or pricing error or error in product information received from our suppliers, our website shall have the right to cancel or refuse any order placed on a particular product listed at our website. If in any case, a situation occurs when you already sent us payment for purchasing a particular product before we notice that the product had some typographical error, we will return the payment as soon as possible. 

That being said all the general terms and conditions apply to the use of a website. 

 If you are confused with any of our terms and conditions and seek to contact us, feel free to contact us at our email